Press Release: Green Park partners with World Retail Congress

Green Park is delighted to be partnering with World Retail Congress on our upcoming whitepaper ‘The DNA of the Future Retail CEO’.

The whitepaper will be a thought-provoking and comprehensive report, mapping out a necessary transition from today’s skill sets among senior retailers to those required in five years’ time.

Based on an abundance of in-depth interviews with chairs, CEOs and rising stars from the retail sector across the world and allied with new survey evidence, this report will:

  • Assess the major challenges facing the retail sector today, including digital sales, changing customer behaviour, advances in technology, globalisation, data-driven decision making and the changing high street;
  • Benchmark the suitability of current CEO and board level skills against present-day challenges. Which skills are already in place – and where are the gaps?
  • Highlight the likely future challenges for retailing boards – and the skills sets that CEOs of the future will need to ensure their market proposition remains relevant;
  • Ask rising retailing stars – the likely CEOs of the future – how they feel about their careers, the skills they already have and those they will soon need in order to shine;
  • Recommend how businesses can source skilled talent to meet present challenges in the short-term – and build their talent pipeline to meet future challenges in the long-term.
  • The report’s authors will interview retailers across several sectors and from around the world in order to harness the best possible insights into current and future skills challenges. The report will also invite views from private equity and retailing analysts, as well as leading academics.


A draft of the report will be published at the World Retail Congress in Rome in September and will form a key focal point for debate for this year’s Congress theme – “Retail Transformation Today, Tomorrow and Beyond”. The final report will be published ahead of the subsequent World Retail Congress in Dubai in April 2016.

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